Aus meiner alten Kassettenkiste…

Mal was anderes als dieser ganze Englischkram ­čśÇ

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  1. Respekt, Artur!!! Zwar schwierig, aber richtig.
    Das war Queen -- Who wants to live forever (Rueckwaertsversion)

  2. ein Fall fuer Herrn Kleiner, also. Aber einen grossen Markt raeume ich diesem Genre nicht ein.

  3. Beautiful apartment! I’m haivng some apartment envy about now…ha ha. My husband is a graduate student and so I know life on a budget. We shop for furniture almost exclusively at Ikea, so if you have one near by, I would recommend it. It’s great starter furniture and is way better quality than most people give it credit for. I’m also a fan of thrift stores and flea markets. I’ve gotten some stuff there and then fixed it up